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AdvancedProjectAPI Reference


var callScriptByName (string scriptName, string code_prefix=string())
void blockSignals (bool block, int msecsDelay=0)
- Functions inherited from ProjectAPI
int message (string)
bool sendRemoteMessage (string message)
object getVisualizationOptions ()
void setVisualizationOptions (object opt)
object getPainterOptions ()
void setPainterOptions (object opt)
var getLocation ()
void setLocation (var location)
var getImportSettings ()
void setImportSettings (var settings)
void startEXE (string prg, string args)
void showOnScreenKeyboard ()
void openLink (string url, bool useDesktopService)
string showOpenFileDialog (string caption="", string directory="", string filter="")
string showSaveFileDialog (string caption="", string directory="", string filter="")
void openProject (string url, bool useSessionData=false)
int saveProject ()
int saveProjectArchive (string filename, string packBookmark)
array< object > import3DModels (var sourceFilePaths, var options)
array< object > importTimeSchedules (var sourceFilePaths)
array< object > importBillsOfQuantities (var sourceFilePaths)
int exportModel (string filePath, array< string > modelIDs, object options)
string exportBCF (array< string > sourceIds, string targetPath, string targetFileBaseName, string bcfVersion="2.1")
var exportCheckRuns (array< string > sourceIds, string targetFilePath, object options)
var importCheckRuns (var sourceFilePaths)
var importBCF (string sourceFilePath)
int redirectDocument (string modelId, string newSourceFilePath)
void filterElements (string pName, string pType, string pattern, bool checkInh=true, string domainCombination="geometry")
void showAll (bool repaint, string domainCombination="geometry")
void showAllElements (var domains=var())
void hideAll (bool repaint, string domainCombination="geometry")
void hideAllElements (var domains=var())
void showElements (var elementIDs, bool includeBlocked=false, var domains=var())
void showElementsOnly (var elementIDs, var domains=var())
void hideElements (var elementIDs, bool includeBlocked=false, var domains=var())
void setElementsVisible (bool visible, var elementIDs)
void setAllElementsVisible (bool visible, var domains)
void clearSelection (bool repaint, string domainCombination="geometry")
void selectVisible ()
void selectVisibleGeometric ()
void selectElements (string idList, bool flag, string domainCombination="geometry")
void setElementsSelected (bool selected, var elementIDs)
void setAllElementsSelected (bool selected, var domains)
void zoomToSelected ()
void zoomToVisible ()
void zoomToObjects (string objIDs)
void zoomToAllDocuments ()
void zoomToSelectedDocuments ()
void zoomToVisibleDocuments ()
void zoomToDocuments (array< string > idList)
void zoomToAllResources ()
void zoomToSelectedResources ()
void zoomToVisibleResources ()
void zoomToResources (array< string > idList)
void zoomToLocationGK (double rw, double hw, double h)
void zoomToLocationGps (double lat, double lon)
void moveToLocationGps (double lat, double lon)
void zoomTopView ()
string getVisible (string domainFilter="geometry")
array< string > getVisibleElements (string domainFilter="geometry")
bool hasVisible (string domainFilter="all")
int countVisible (string domainFilter="geometry")
string getSelected (string domainFilter="geometry")
array< string > getSelectedElements (string domainFilter="geometry")
bool hasSelected (string domainFilter="all")
int countSelected (string domainFilter="geometry")
void setVisualisationMode (int mode, bool repaint=true)
int getVisualisationMode ()
object showElementsOOBBSide (string IDList, double prec=1.e-2)
object showElementsOOBBTop (string IDList, double prec=1.e-2)
object showElementsOOBBFront (string idList, double prec=1.e-2)
void showDimensionsPainter (bool showAABB, bool showOOBB)
void hideDimensionsPainter ()
void showHomeView ()
int showViewpointByID (string id)
void addToViewPoint (string vpID, string objIdList)
void removeFromViewPoint (string vpID, string objIdList)
var createViewpointFromCurrentView (string parentID, object options)
string getCurrentViewAsImage (int width=1920, int height=1080)
bool saveCurrentViewToFile (string filename, int width=1920, int height=1080)
object getViewpointData (string vpID, array< string > filterKeys, bool whitelist=true)
bool setViewpointData (string viewpointID, object data)
void setViewpointDataToCurrentView (object data)
object getViewpointDataFromCurrentView (array< string > filterKeys, bool whitelist=true)
int activateObjTooltip (string name)
void deactivateObjTooltip ()
string getActiveTooltipName () const
void setDocumentsTooltipsVisible (bool v)
bool getDocumentsTooltipsVisible ()
void setResourcesTooltipsVisible (bool v)
bool getResourcesTooltipsVisible ()
void set4dIsActive (bool active)
bool get4dIsActive ()
bool set4dDateTime (date dt)
date get4dDateTime ()
object get4dOptions ()
void set4dOptions (object opt)
date get4dProjectStart ()
date get4dProjectFinish ()
array< string > get4dActiveTaskList (date dt, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
array< string > get4dActiveTaskListByInterval (date dtStart, date dtEnd, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
array< string > get4dFinishedTaskList (date, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
array< string > get4dProspectiveTaskList (date, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
string get4dTaskColor (string taskID, date dt, string defaultColorName="#000")
void setBsPlanUnderlayActive (bool active)
bool getBsPlanUnderlayActive ()
object getHandlerMode ()
bool setHandlerMode (object handlerInfo)
array< string > getCreatedPins ()
var createObjectsFromMeasurements (object options)
object getPickedPoint ()
object getAllPickedPoints ()
object getPickedPointGPS ()
object getPickedPointGK ()
object getPickedFaces ()
void clearMeasureItems ()
void showClashList (string clashIdList)
object getWebFormLocations ()
void createWebFormBookmark (string url, string name)
int removeWebFormBookmark (string url)
var import3DModelIntoVersionComparison (string sourceFilePath, string referenceModelID)
void clearVersionComparison ()
object getVersionComparisonOptions ()
bool setVersionComparisonOptions (object options)
bool runVersionComparison ()
object getVersionComparisonResults (array< string > filterKeys)
var getPropertyValueFromVersionComparison (string objectID, string propertyName, string propertyType, bool checkInheritance=true)
void showAllElementsInVersionComparison ()
void showElementsInVersionComparison (var elementIDs)
void hideAllElementsInVersionComparison ()
void hideElementsInVersionComparison (var elementIDs)
- Functions inherited from AutomationAPI
int setProjectNumber (string s, bool overwriteExisting=false)
int setProjectShortDescription (string s, bool overwriteExisting=false)
int setProjectLongDescription (string s, bool overwriteExisting=false)
void setTempValue (string name, var value)
var getTempValue (string name)
array< string > getListOfTempValues ()
void clearListOfTempValues ()
string getModelByElement (string id, string domainFilter="all")
array< string > getModelListByName (string name, string domain="geometry")
array< string > getModelListByDomain (string domainFilter="all")
string getRootNodeByModel (string modelId)
array< string > getRootNodeListByDomain (string domainFilter="all")
array< string > getRootContainerList (string modelName)
string createModel (string name, bool createRootC=true, string domain="geometry")
object getModelMetaData (string modelId)
int deleteModel (string id)
var getModelImportSettings (string modelId)
array< string > getAllElements (string domainFilter="geometry")
bool hasElement (string id)
array< string > filterByProperty (array< string > inputList, string propertyName, string propertyDatatype, string filterPattern, bool checkInherited=true, string domains="geometry")
array< string > filterByStatus (array< string > inputList, string status, bool value=true, string domains="geometry")
void itClear ()
int itByFilter (string propName, string propDatatype, string filterPattern, bool checkInh=true, string domain="geometry")
int itFilterByStatus (string status, bool enabled=true, string domain="geometry")
int itByObjectList (string idList)
string itGetObjectList ()
bool itHasNext ()
string itNext ()
int itCount ()
void itToFront ()
array< var > itGetAvailablePropertyValues (string propName, string propDatatype, int maxValues)
void itSetupDbCache (string propName, string propType)
void itSetMaterial (string matId)
void itColorCode (string propName, string propDT)
void itColorCodeNumber (string propName, string propDT, double intervalSize)
void itCalcOOBB (double eps)
void itUpdateOOBB (double eps)
void itCalcOOBBxy (double eps)
void itUpdateOOBBxy (double eps)
string findContainerByName (string parentId, string name, string lookupDomain="all")
bool isContainer (string id)
int startProjectTransaction (string domain="geometry")
int endProjectTransaction (string domain="geometry")
var createObject (string parentID, object objectMap)
string createObjectFromXml (string parentId, string objectXML)
int deleteObjects (string idList)
object getAsJSON (string objId)
int setAsComposite (string id, bool composite)
int setLinkedObjects (string elementID, string IDList)
int removeAllLinkedObjects (string id)
int removeLinkedObjects (string id, string linkedIdList)
int updateRuleBasedLinks (string domainName, bool visibleOnly=false)
int removeRuleBasedLinks (string domainName)
void lockObjects (string idList)
void unlockObjects (string idList)
void unlockAllObjects ()
string getLocked ()
int countLocked ()
array< string > getListOfObjTooltips ()
void addObjectListToTooltip (string idList, string tooltipname)
void removeObjectListFromTooltip (string idList, string tooltipname)
int createPropertyType (string propName, string propDatatype, string uomCode, bool isInh, int target, string domainName="all")
int setPropertyTypeMetaData (string pName, string ptype, object metadata)
int deletePropertyType (string propertyName, string propertyDatatype, string domainName="all")
array< var > getPropertyTypeBookmarkList ()
object getPropertyTypeBookmarkByID (string bookmarkId)
int activatePropertyTypeBookmark (string bkmId)
bool setPropertyTypeActive (string pName, string ptype, string domain, bool active)
int setAllPropertyTypesActive ()
int removePropertyTypeBookmarkByID (string bkmId)
string addPropertyTypeBookmark (object bookmarkConfig)
int setPropertyValue (string objId, string propName, string propDataType, var value)
int deleteProperty (string objId, string propName, string propDatatype)
array< var > getPropertyValues (string propName, string propDatatype, int maxValues=0, string domainName="all", bool getNullValues=false)
array< var > getPropertyValuesByObjectList (string propertyName, string propertyDatatype, bool checkInherited, var objectIdList, int maxValues=0, string domains="all", bool getNullValues=false)
object getPropertyListAsJSON (object options)
void setPropertyListAsJSON (object propmap, object opt)
object getPropertyScriptList () const
string getPropertyScriptCode (string domain, string pname, string datatype) const
string getPropertyScriptFgColor (string domain, string pname, string datatype) const
string getPropertyScriptBgColor (string domain, string pname, string datatype) const
int setPropertyScriptCode (string domain, string pname, string datatype, string code)
int setPropertyScriptFgColor (string domain, string pname, string datatype, string code)
int setPropertyScriptBgColor (string domain, string pname, string datatype, string code)
object addPropertyScript (string domain, string pname, string datatype, string code=string())
int removePropertyScript (string domain, string pname, string datatype)
void propertyScriptClearCache (string domain="all", string pname="", string datatype="")
object getPropertyScriptOptions (string domain, string pname, string datatype)
int setPropertyScriptOptions (string domain, string pname, string datatype, object opt)
int synchronizeDocumentContainer (string containerId, bool waitForCompletion=false)
void resetDocumentMetaData (string objId)
array< object > findDocumentsByLocationGps (double lat, double lon, double distance, array< string > idList=array< string >())
array< object > findDocumentsByLocationRangeGps (array< string > gpsCoordinates, double distance, array< string > idList=array< string >())
array< object > findDocumentsByLocationGk (double rw, double hw, double distance, array< string > idList=array< string >())
array< string > findDocumentsByDate (date start, date end, array< string > idList=array< string >(), bool useRef=false)
string createCalendar (string name, string comment)
int removeCalendar (string calendarID)
array< string > getCalendarList ()
string getCalendarByName (string name)
string getDefaultCalendar ()
string getCalendarByTask (string taskID, bool checkInh=true)
int setCalendar (string taskID, string calendarID)
int removeCalendarFromTask (string taskID)
int setCalendarOptions (string calendarID, object options)
object getCalendarOptions (string calendarID)
array< object > getCalendarExceptions (string calendarID)
int addCalendarExceptions (string calendarID, array< object > exceptions)
int removeCalendarException (string calendarID, var date)
int clearCalendarExceptions (string calendarID)
int setCalendarWorkingTime (string calendarID, object workingTime)
object getCalendarWorkingTime (string calendarID)
int calcWorkInMinutes (date start, date finish, string calendarID=string())
array< string > getTaskRestrictionsList ()
string getTaskRestrictionsByName (string name)
int setTaskRestrictions (string taskID, string restrictionsID)
int removeTaskRestrictions (string taskID)
object getVisualisationList ()
int setVisualisationByID (string taskIDList, string visID)
int removeVisualisation (string taskIDList)
int setTaskMode (string taskID, int mode)
int recalculateActivityProject (string taskID=string(), bool visibleOnly=false)
object calcPropertyValuesOverTime (string propName, string propType, object options)
int createTimeSchedule (object config)
int hasContact (string objId1, string objId2, object options=object())
string createContactObject (string parentId, string objId1, string objId2, string matId, object options=object())
array< string > cutObject (string parentId, string objId, object plane=object(), bool closeCuts=true, bool splitUnconnectedParts=true)
string mergeObjects (string parentContainerId, string idList, bool skipClosed=false, bool keepTransparency=false, bool keepCommonProperties=false, bool replaceParent=false)
bool isIncludedIn (string objId1, string objId2)
int isPointIncludedIn (double x, double y, double z, string objId, double tol=1.e-5)
int checkIntersection (string objId1, string objId2, double tolerance=-0.00001)
int transformObject (string objId, string transformation)
int setAsOpening (string objId, string openingIDList)
string getProjectionAsSvg (string idList, object options=object())
double calcDistance (string objId1, string objId2)
var calculateDistance (string meshID1, string meshID2)
int swapOrientationOfTriangles (array< object > idList)
var addMaterial (string modelID, var materialData)
var setMaterialData (string materialID, var materialData)
var getMaterialData (string materialID)
var removeMaterial (string materialID)
string createMaterial (string matXml, string modelId=string())
int deleteMaterial (string matId)
array< string > getMaterialList ()
string getMaterialAsXmlByID (string matId, bool formatXML=true)
object getMaterial (string matId)
string getMaterialIDByName (string matName)
void updateMaterial (string matId, string xmlMat)
int setMaterialToObjects (string matId, var objectIds)
int setTransparency (string objectIds, float defaultTransparency=0.95)
void resetMaterials (bool updateUI=true)
void colorCodeObjects (array< string > objectIds, string propertyName, string propertyDatatype, double intervalSize=1.0)
string createColorSchema (string setContainerId, string name)
string createColorSchemaFromCurrentMaterials (string name, bool updateExisting, object options=object())
int deleteColorSchema (string namePattern)
array< string > getColorSchemaList ()
string getCurrentColorSchema ()
bool activateColorSchemaByName (string name)
void showWireModeSchema (string name)
void clearWireMode ()
void setObjectsToWireMode (string ids, bool wired)
string createWireModeSchema (string ids, string wmName, bool overwrite=false)
string getWired ()
int countWired ()
double getBBoxMinX ()
double getBBoxMaxX ()
double getBBoxMinY ()
double getBBoxMaxY ()
double getBBoxMinZ ()
double getBBoxMaxZ ()
void updateBoundingBox3DView ()
int calcOOBB (var objectIds, double eps=0.001)
int updateOOBB (var objectIds, double eps=0.001)
int calcOOBBxy (var objectIds, double eps=0.001)
int updateOOBBxy (var objectIds, double eps=0.001)
object getBoundingBoxCommon (var objectIds)
object getOOBBCommon (var objectIds)
object getOOBBxyCommon (var objectIds)
double checkOverlapOBB (string id1, string id2, double eps=0.001)
string createSelectionSets (string propertyTypes, string rootName, object config=object())
array< string > getRootNodeListSelectionSets (string domainFilter="all")
int addToSelectionSetGeometry (string setId, string objectIDList)
int removeFromSelectionSetGeometry (string setId, string objectIDs)
string createSelectionSet (string name, string parentID=string())
bool removeSelectionSet (string selsetID)
int updateSmartSets (array< string > smartSetIDs=array< string >())
string addRegionToAlignment (string alignmentId, object setting)
int removeAllRegionsFromAlignment (string alignmentId)
int addRangeToRegion (string regionId, double fromStation, double toStation, string alignmentId=string())
int removeRangeFromRegion (string regionId, double fromStation, double toStation, string alignmentId=string())
int removeAllRangesFromRegion (string regionId, string alignmentId=string())
int createDirectory (string path, string dirName)
bool writeFile (string filePath, string content, string encoding=string())
bool appendToFile (string filePath, string content, string encoding=string())
bool removeFile (string filePath)
bool copyFile (string fnFrom, string fnTo)
bool moveFile (string fnFrom, string fnTo)
bool checkIfFileExists (string filePath)
bool openFile (string filePath, string encoding=string())
bool writeToFile (string content)
bool closeFile ()
array< string > readTextFile (string filename, bool ignoreLineBreakesInDoubleQuotes=false, string codec=string())
string readTextFileAsString (string filePath, string codec=string())
var readFileInChunks (string filePath, object options)
object readCsvFile (string filePath, string delimiter=";", string encoding="Windows-1252")
int csvOpen (string filePath, string delimiter=";", string encoding="Windows-1252")
array< string > csvNextLine ()
bool csvHasNextLine ()
bool csvClose ()
string readImageFile (string filename, string targetFormat="", bool applyExifRotation=false)
array< object > getDirectoryEntryList (string dirPath, bool filesOnly=false, string orderBy="Name")
bool dbIsLocalCopy ()
string dbGetFilepath () const
int dbOpen (const var connectionData=var())
bool dbClose ()
void dbCheckIn ()
void dbCheckOut (array< string > propList)
bool dbQueryExec (string sqlQuery)
object dbQueryRecordset (string sqlQuery, string key, int maxNumberOfRows=0)
bool dbEndQueryExec ()
bool dbQueryNext ()
var dbQueryValue (int column)
string dbQueryLastError ()
int setPropertyValueDB (string objIdList, string propName, string propDataType, string propDomain, var value, bool createType=true)
int writePropertyValueDB (string objIdList, string propName, string propDataType, string propDomain, var value, bool createType=true)
bool startTransaction ()
bool endTransaction ()
bool dbGetImmediateUpdate ()
void dbSetImmediateUpdate (bool)
int dbClearCache (string propName, string propType)
void dbClearCacheAll ()
int dbDeleteProperty (string objIdList, string propName, string propType)
int dbAssertTable (string tableName, array< string > columnsList)
bool setCheckActive (string checkRunID, bool active)
int runCheck (string checkRunID)
int clearCheckResults (string checkRunID)
int setCheckOptions (string checkRunID, object options)
object getCheckOptions (string checkRunID) const
int setCheckFilterList (string checkRunID, array< object > filterList, bool rightSet=false)
array< object > getCheckFilterList (string checkRunID, bool rightSet=false) const
int setCheckItems (string checkRunID, array< string > elementIDist, bool rightSet=false)
array< string > getCheckItems (string checkRunID, bool rightSet=false) const
int setPostProcessingCode (string checkRunID, string code)
string addCheckRule (string checkRunID, object rule, string parentRuleID=string())
int removeCheckRule (string checkRunID, string type, string ruleID)
int clearCheckRules (string checkRunID, string ruleTypeFilter=string())
object getCheckRules (string checkRunID, string ruleTypeFilter=string())
void enableGeoLocation (int msecInterval=60)
void disableGeoLocation ()
object currentGeoPosition ()
int setBoQBreakdownStructure (string boqModelID, string templateStr)
int sortContainerByProperty (string containerId, string propName, string propType, bool ascending=true, int maxDepth=0)
int validateIfcCompatibiliy (string bsModelID)
- Functions inherited from CoreAPI
string addDays (string dateStr, int nrDays)
int getCalendarWeek (date dt)
string createID ()
long calcHashcode (string str)
string compressToIfcGuid (string id)
string uncompressFromIfcGuid (string ifcGuid)
bool checkRegExp (string value, string pattern)
double calcSlantedArea (string objId, double angleMin=0.0, double angleMax=45.0)
object calcGpsCoordsByStation (string objId, double station)
object calcGpsCoordsByModelCoords (double x, double y)
object calcModelCoordsByGpsCoords (double lat, double lon)
object calcGkCoordsByModelCoords (double x, double y, double z)
object calcModelCoordsByGkCoords (double r, double h)
object calcGkCoordsByGpsCoords (double lat, double lon)
object calcGpsCoordsByGkCoords (double rw, double hw)
object convertCoordinates (object coordinates)
string idListToStr (array< string > idList)
array< string > strToIdList (string strIDList)
var mapToExternalIDs (const array< string > cpIDs)
var mapFromExternalIDs (const array< string > cpExternalIDs)
var getFileInfo (string filePath)
string getAbsolutePath (string filePath)
string getBaseName (string filePath)
string getFileName (string filePath)
string getApplicationDirectory ()
string getApplicationFilename ()
string getApplicationLanguage ()
string getVersionAsString ()
object getVersion ()
bool requireVersion (int major, int minor, int patch)
string getDomainByElement (string objId)
string getUserName ()
string getProjectName ()
string getProjectDirectory ()
object getProjectLocation () const
object getProjectInfo ()
array< string > getContainedElements (string containerId, int maxDepth, bool loadExternal=true)
int countContainedElements (string containerId, int maxDepth, bool loadExternal=true)
string getParent (string objId)
array< string > getOpenings (string objId)
array< string > getParts (string objId)
array< string > getLinkedObjects (string objectIDList, string resultDomains="all", string objectLookupDomains="all")
bool isVisible (string objId)
bool isSelected (string objId)
bool isLocked (string objId)
bool isWired (string objId)
var getPropertyValue (string objId, string propName, string propType, bool inh=true)
array< object > getPropertyValuesByObject (string objId, string filterpattern="*")
var getPropertySource (string objId, string propName, string propType, bool inh=true)
string getPropertyUnit (string propName, string propType)
object getPropertyTypeMetaData (string propName, string propType)
array< object > getPropertyTypeList (string domain="all", string filterPattern="*", bool activeOnly=false)
array< object > getPropertyTypeListByObject (string objId, string filterPattern="*")
bool isPropertyInherited (string objId, string propName, string propType)
string getPropertyValueRange (string idList, string propName, string propType, string domainFilter="geometry")
var evaluateFormula (string code, string id, string id_otherdomain=string())
string prepareJsCode (string code, string id, int dec=-1, string frmt="%L1", int fieldWidth=10, QChar fillChar=QChar())
array< string > extractPropertyNames (string code, string startTag="[[", string endTag="]]")
array< object > getGlobalProjectProperties ()
array< object > getPointList (string objId)
object getPointOnAlignmentAtStation (string alignmentId, double d)
double getStationOfProjectedPoint (string alignmentId, double x, double y, double z=0.0)
array< string > getRegionsOfAlignment (string alignmentId)
array< object > getRangesOfRegion (string alignmentID, string regionID)
double getValueOfAlignmentRegion (string alignmentID, string regionID)
int getTaskMode (string taskID)
string getTaskVisualisation (string taskID)
string getTaskRestrictionsByTask (string taskID)


void selectionChanged ()
void selectionChangedByDomain (string domain)
void visibilityChanged ()
void visibilityChangedByDomain (string domain)
void dataUpdated ()
void simulationDateChanged (date)
void simulationActivated (bool)
- Signals inherited from AutomationAPI
void synchronizationFinished (bool success)
void fileChunkReceived (string data)
void geoPositionUpdated (object pos)

Function Documentation

◆ blockSignals

void blockSignals ( bool  block,
int  msecsDelay = 0 

Block and unblock signaling.
When you have code inside an event handler that would trigger the event again - for instance, selecting additional objects in reaction to the "selectionChanged" event - you must temporarily block the signaling to avoid infinite loops.

blocktrue for block, false for unblock
msecsDelayDelay the operation by the value given in milliseconds. Due to the asynchronous nature of the signaling, you may need to delay the unblocking to make sure that it does not happen before a signal is emitted.


function onSelectionChanged() {
// just random examples for calls that modify selection.
// script execution may continue before all "selectionChanged" signals are emitted...
desiteAPI.selectElements( '6dda98c0-8af6-463f-916f-8d5d7fa49a34', true );
desiteAPI.blockSignals(false, 500); // ... which is why we delay the unblocking by half a second
2.7.1, 2020-11-25, ah

◆ callScriptByName

var callScriptByName ( string  scriptName,
string  code_prefix = string() 

Run the script 'scriptName'.

1.3.7, 01 May 2014

◆ dataUpdated

void dataUpdated ( )

Update of database finished.

1.0.18, 15 aug 2012, jh

◆ selectionChanged

void selectionChanged ( )

Selection of objects in domain 'geometry' changed.
Connect the signal when web page is loaded.


Called function:

function onSelectionChanged()

◆ selectionChangedByDomain

void selectionChangedByDomain ( string  domain)

Selection of objects in any domain changed.
Connect the signal when web page is loaded.


Called function:

function onSelectionChangedByDomain(domain)

◆ simulationActivated

void simulationActivated ( bool  )

4D-Simulation is activated (true) or deactivated (false).

1.5.0, 11 sep 2015

◆ simulationDateChanged

void simulationDateChanged ( date  )

Date of 4D-Simulation has changed.

1.5.0, 11 sep 2015

◆ visibilityChanged

void visibilityChanged ( )

Visibility of objects in domain 'geometry' changed.
Connect the signal when web page is loaded.


Called function:

function onVisibilityChanged()

◆ visibilityChangedByDomain

void visibilityChangedByDomain ( string  domain)

Visibility of objects in any domain changed.
Connect the signal when web page is loaded.


Called function:

function onVisibilityChangedByDomain(domain)

Created: Wed Jun 19 2024 06:16:58